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Workplace Behaviour Champions

Contact details for our Workplace Behaviour Champions

Workplace Behaviour Champions poster thumbnailThe Workplace Behaviour Champions are part of our improving workplace behaviours project to address undermining and bullying behaviour in the workplace. To find out more about their role, please read the Workplace Behaviour Champion job description and the FAQs for trainees.

Poster: Know your Workplace Behaviour Champion (PDF 1.7MB)

This poster has been developed to raise awareness about bullying and undermining, and to provide details of your local Workplace Behaviour Champion.

Print the poster, add the details of your Workplace Behaviour Champion, and display in communal areas that are used by trainees.




Contact details

Dr Rachna Bahl MRCOG   RCOG WB Advisor, Chair
TBC   East of England  
Miss Mary Murnaghan MRCOG   Northern Ireland
Miss Sandra McNeil MRCOG   Northern Ireland
Miss Ruth Mason MRCOG Dr Ruth Mason Kent, Surrey & Sussex
Work: 01903 285222 ext 84087
Miss Jan Grace MRCOG Jan Grace London South
Mobile: 07834 419615
Work: 020 7188 0546
Miss Bryony Jones MRCOG   London North West
Miss Margaret (Meg) Wilson MRCOG Margaret Wilson London, North Central & East
Mobile: 07855 460931
Dr Hilary Furniss FRCOG Dr Hilary Furniss Mersey
Work: 01925 662 585 
Dr Steve Smith FRCOG   East Midlands
Miss Sharon Oates MRCOG   West Midlands
Work: 07923 422907
Miss Kathryn Gutteridge RM (Consultant Midwife) Miss Katherine Gutteridge West Midlands
Mobile: 07791 553193
Work: 0121 507 5466
Dr Sarah Gatiss MRCOG   Northern
Miss Fiona Crosfill MRCOG  Miss Fiona Crosfill North Western
Miss Felicity Ashworth FRCOG Felicity Ashworth Oxford
Work: 01296 316553
Dr Christine Edwards   Severn
Mr Umesh Acharya FRCOG   Derriford, Plymouth, South West Penisula
Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya FRCOG  Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya North Scotland
PA: 01224 437974 
Direct: 01224 437975 
Miss Vanessa Kay FRCOG Dr Vanessa Kay East Scotland
Dr Sarah Cooper FRCOG   Scotland, South East Region
Secretary: 0131 242 2524

Dr Kate Patrick   Scotland West Region
Mr Derek Adolf Klazinga MRCOG   Wales
Miss Alison Cooper MRCOG Miss Alison Cooper Wessex
Work: 01305 255532
Dr Radhika Gosakan Dr Radhika Gosakan Yorkshire & the Humber

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For general enquiries about our workplace behaviours project, please contact Sakinah Takeram

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