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The RCOG will:

  • Pro-actively work with Health Education England and equivalent agencies in the devolved nations, to model a workforce of the future that has the right number of specialist staff to deliver safe O&G services
  • Mitigate against high attrition rates by lobbying workforce planners to:
    • Recruit new trainees so the full time equivalent (FTE) output of Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) holders in run-through specialty training remains stable and gaps caused by less than full time working can be plugged
    • Consider further rounds of recruitment at later stages of training, i.e. ST3 or beyond
    • Improve flexibility for trainees to step off and then return to the programme
  • Develop and support specialty doctors through skill acquisition, continuing professional development (CPD) and a supervision/appraisal structure, improving the retention of these valued staff
  • Promote RCOG criteria for approval of new consultant posts. These give newly appointed consultants a job plan that enables them to provide continuity of care, develop professionally and have an appropriate work–life balance. It includes job plans with no more than 3-4 PAs for resident out-of-hours work.
  • Set up a working party to take into account the needs of consultants who are considering retirement, including the impact of their activities on more junior consultants