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This report outlines the challenges facing the O&G profession and the commitments the College is making to address them.


This report provides an update for RCOG members and sets out next steps for the College and what is needed from the membership to support this.


The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), together with the profession, needs to continue engaging with workforce planners to define the expectations of the current and future workforce in a way that is inclusive and supportive of a healthy work–life balance, while having an honest discussion about what we can deliver to women with the workforce available. This will be crucial in not only attracting doctors but also retaining and nurturing them within our profession. This is a critical issue in terms of long-term stability of the workforce and one in which the College will continue to actively engage.


The College remains committed to improving women’s health, and a strong and sustainable workforce is critical to achieving this. There are opportunities for members of the College to get involved in this work by sharing successful methods they have used to address their own workforce challenges, which can then be communicated to the wider membership.