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2. Increased support for specialty doctors (SAS, Staff grade, Trust, etc.)


There is currently a large workforce of doctors who are not on training schemes or in consultant positions but who provide an invaluable service to O&G departments.


It is important to have middle-grade posts that are not dependent on gaining a CCT, but these doctors must be offered appropriate career development with support, appraisal, training and CPD.


Specialty doctors tend to have long-standing experience in O&G, often running clinics and theatre lists alone. However, the turnover of doctors in these posts can be very high depending on the type of post, with around 15% leaving the substantive workforce in any given year. Data from HEE show that a further 10–12% move into either consultant posts or postgraduate training, but there is no further information on where they go.


Active interventions to retain, reskill and upskill these experienced staff would increase workforce supply.