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Message from the RCOG Senior Vice President for Strategy

Mary Ann Lumsden

The Return to Work Toolkit should be a tremendous help to anyone returning to work after an absence for any reason.

Many trainees have expressed anxiety about returning to work because they are concerned they may have lost clinical skills and not be up to date with developments and changes in practice. Some courses were available, such as the highly successful Return to Work Course being run in the West Midlands, the content of which is incorporated into this work (thank you to Ellen Knox, Becky Shields and Jo Roper).

However, even though others have tried to arrange courses, it became apparent that this was not suitable for all returners since some individuals were not in a position to attend, most commonly because of timing, difficulties with childcare or other dependents or finance. Furthermore, overall comprehensive initiatives within O&G are not widely available.

Consequently, we decided to put these resources into one place so that they can be easily accessed by those returning, as well as those supporting these individuals. The toolkit also applies to Consultants and Speciality Doctors to make it as relevant as possible to all.

The work has been supported by a grant from Health Education England to Dr Adalina Sacco, who was supported by Dr Jo Mountfield and myself. Dr Sukhera Furness was appointed and has done sterling work on the toolkit, building on other successful initiatives where possible and making sure that it was in a format appropriate for digitisation and easy access. Hopefully, she will also help us keep it up to date!

We will now work hard to ensure maximum awareness and hope many will find it useful. Please don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts and feedback.

Mary Ann Lumsden
Senior Vice President, Strategic Development
Chair, Workforce Task Group