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Ideal framework for supervisors


Meeting pre-absence

  • Meet with doctor pre-absence
  • Set curriculum/logbook/CPD targets for before leave starts
  • Discuss ways to maintain clinical knowledge whilst away
  • Advises Occupational Health for Work place Risk Assessment as needed
  • Complete Absence from Work form (Word document 9kb)*

Return to Work Meeting

  • Meet with doctor for Return to Work Meeting (6-8 weeks before start date)
  • Discuss learning needs and how to achieve
  • Decide period of supervision
  • Set goals for period of supervision including assessments for feedback (Work place based assessments - WPBAs)
  • Complete first part of Return to Work form (Word document 22kb)*

Assessing readiness to return to clinical practice

  • Meet with doctor on return to work and after completion of period of supervision
  • Review initial Return to Work plan
  • Review whether targets met via WBPAs, supervisor feedback, reflection
  • Mutually agree readiness to return to normal clinical practice, or,
  • Plan extension of supervision and set new timeline for review
  • Sign and complete second part of Return to Work form (Word document 22kb)*
  • Ensure on going support/mentorship system available

*Complete local deanery equivalent paperwork, or RCOG form if not available


Ideal framework for supervisors