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Summary for assessing readiness to practice

Confirming your return date

  • If taking a leave of absence for ill health, contact GP or specialist first
  • Arrange appointment with Occupational Health to discuss adjustments to workload (e.g. reduced hours, no nights / on-calls) if needed
  • Contact Educational Supervisor before start date to arrange Return to Work meeting (meeting should take place 6-8 weeks before return)
  • Discuss specific learning needs
  • Agree on a period of supervision, targets to be met and workplace based assessments (WPBAs) and record discussion on first part of Return to Work form (Word document 22kb)*
  • Agree timing for review meeting to assess progress

Preparation for return

  • Arrange KIT days**
  • Attend Return to Work course
  • Attend additional refresher courses, e.g. PROMPT
  • Refresh knowledge through previous notes / e-learning

On return to work

  • Arrange to meet with Educational Supervisor for Return to Work appraisal
  • Arrange to meet Educational Supervisor after period of supervision
  • Review need to extend period of supervision or,
  • Mutually agree readiness to return to usual clinical duties and complete Return to Work form (Word document 22kb)*
  • Send to TPD and upload copy to E-portfolio

*Or local deanery equivalent paperwork
**May wish to use KIT days in the weeks preceding return date to guarantee period of supervision / being supernumerary.


Assessing readiness to practice