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Summary for planning an absence from work

1. Inform Trust of intended absence from work

  • Inform Educational Supervisor, College Tutor, Rota Coordinator, Clinical Director, Training Programme Director (TPD) and Human Resources
  • Arrange Workplace Risk Assessment as needed
  • Complete specific paper work e.g. MAT B1

2. Meet with Educational Supervisor

  • Set out curriculum targets to be met before taking a leave of absence
  • Organise required paperwork for ARCP if due whilst away
  • Consider your training needs on return to work
  • Plan measures to maintain / refresh knowledge and skills whilst away
  • Plan how you will utilise KIT days
  • Complete Absence from Work form (Word document 9kb) (or local deanery equivalent paperwork)

3. Complete Absence from Work form

  • Forward completed form to TPD and Deanery Specialty Lead and upload copy to E-portfolio