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5. Can things really change?

Can things change? Yes they can. But only if we all work together to address this.

The more we “call out” poor behaviours being mindful that they may have been unintended, the more we take steps to eradicate them.

When bystanders speak up it demonstrates that these behaviours are not accepted by the wider environment. 

As a bystander you may have the power to diffuse an unpleasant situation that you witness and you can certainly support the person going through it by calling it out.

We have recorded three anonymised cases of when bullying/undermining was witnessed, reported and acted upon. Watch the case studies video on the Module 2 main page.

We also demonstrate how calling it out fuelled departmental change with case study videos on Module 4 and Module 5.


Infographic: Who benefits from kindness at work?

Infographic: Who benefits from kindness at work? Civility Saves Lives infographic explaining the benefits to givers and receivers of kindness

See this and more infographics by Civility Saves Lives at