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4. What can I do to improve my wellbeing?

Being involved in an incident of bullying or undermining as the observer can be very distressing.

It can impact on your wellbeing and reduce your own performance at work. See Module 1, Question 4 "What can I do to improve my wellbeing?" for resources to support your wellbeing.

Did you know that there is evidence that witnessing poor behaviours can:

  • reduce the witness’ cognition by 20%?
  • decrease a witnesses willingness to help others by 50%?

Be aware of this impact on your cognition as you continue your clinical work after the event so you can try to redress this where possible.

Infographic: Effects of witnessing bullying/undermining

Infographic by Civility Saves Lives describing the impact of bullying and undermining on witnesses

See this and more infographics by Civility Saves Lives at


Video: How incivility shuts down your brain at work – Christine Porath


We have signposted resources to support your emotional wellbeing in Module 1, Question 4 "What can I do to improve my wellbeing?".