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Giving feedback / performance management

Giving feedback in an effective and productive way is a key aspect of a positive workplace culture.

If done well it allows increased performance, confidence and resilience in the workplace.  If done poorly it can be destructive and have negative outcomes.

Below are two videos from the RCOG e-learning on Improving Workplace Behaviour. You are encouraged to record your thoughts on the positive and negative aspects of each case study.

  • Video clip (15 mins) shows 2 scenarios with example of poor and effective feedback for each.
  • Video clip (15 mins) looks in more detail at performance management and insight.

One of the current challenges in the NHS is a lack of continuity in teams.  This can inhibit the ability to develop positive bonds with your team.  When interactions to deliver feedback occur without an underlying positive foundation the feedback is more likely to be received/perceived poorly. The concept of radical candor is based on this balance.*