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4. What can I do to address a problem with poor workplace behaviour in my department?

General approach to tackling issues in your department


  • Be kind – poor behaviours are usually inadvertent and intentional
  • Have empathy – why might this be happening?
  • Be brave and feel assured that addressing the issue is the right thing to do
  • Ask for help and advice 
  • Get to know your local bullying policy
  • Prioritise your wellbeing


  • Do not feel you have to address the issue alone
  • Do not criticise others using hindsight bias (e.g. ‘I would never have done that‘)
  • Avoid gossip
  • Do not shy away from the issue or excuse the issue e.g. “that’s just the way Mr x/Mrs y is and they’ve always behaved like that. They don’t mean it”

Specific advice for: