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Problems concerning the wider team/department

Set the tone and lead from the front

What is your department’s stance on poor workplace behaviour and is it visible?  Do you lead by example and display compassionate leadership?

Staff wellbeing

Happy and healthy staff are more likely to be kind and civil at work.

Team and multidisciplinary working

Strengthening team relationships both within and between disciplines is invaluable. Examples of strategies to enhance team working are included.

Breed kindness and positivity

Kindness and gratitude have a positive effect on your team.  Could you promote “Learning from Excellence”?

Make it ok to 'call it out'

Misunderstandings will occur, but in the right environment these misunderstandings are addressed early, are less likely to escalate or to spread.

Build a team of advocates

A diverse group of advocates for positive workplace culture can help deliver the departments agenda.