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Breed kindness and positivity

  • Practice gratitudes: Simply remembering to say please and thank you, in person e.g. at the end of a clinic/list/shift, on the phone and in emails can lift the mood and improve communication within the department.
  • Develop a ‘Greatix’ Board: Where positive achievements within the dept are shared e.g. thank you cards, notes on individuals or teams that have performed well e.g. managing a shoulder dystocia
  • Promote kindness: The Gathering of Kindness aims to build, nurture and instil a culture of kindness throughout the healthcare system.  They have a useful toolkit and posters.
  • A ‘Positive Mindset Board: A daily or weekly message can be placed in a position of prominence to highlight a positive message for all staff for the following day or week – this could also be discussed at handovers e.g. on Labour Ward
  • Promote learning from things that go well e.g. Learning from Excellence: resources, community
  • Use excellence reporting systems: Enable all staff within the organisation to report good and excellent practice that they experience via a quick and simple form. Here is an explanation from Learning from Excellence (PDF) and video
  • Introduce appreciative Inquiry: Asking positively framed questions (inquiring) about a particular topic, in order to increase the value of that topic (appreciate).  Read more about it (PDF) and watch an introductory video
  • Awards: Creating departmental awards or proactive use of trust awards can show appreciation of excellence e.g the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) award

Infographic: "Thank you" 2 words, huge impact

Infographic by Civility Saves Lives: "Thank you" 2 words, huge impact

See these and more infographics by Civility Saves Lives at

See this and more infographics by Civility Saves Lives at