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Staff wellbeing

Happy and healthy staff are more likely to be kind and civil at work.  Therefore staff wellbeing is always important.  If your department has problems with poor workplace culture or behaviours then your staff may be in particular need of support.

  • How do your staff know that you really believe staff wellbeing is important?
  • What more could your department do to show support for your staff’s wellbeing? 

The answer to these questions will depend on your own department but could include:

  • ensuring that there is an enjoyable rest space with refreshments
  • encouraging staff to take breaks
  • supporting wellbeing after adverse events such as team debriefs and ensuring tutors/supervisors/mentors are aware of members of staff involved in adverse events so that they can provide ongoing support
  • Hosting Schwartz rounds
  • Ensure that staff members have appropriate supported “Return to Work” after prolonged absence eg sickness, shielding or parental leave.

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