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5. How will I know if behaviours in my department improve and what can I do if they do not?

If you identified a problem in you department it is important that you assess whether the measures that have been taken have had a positive impact.

You may wish to use methods from Question 2 "How would I know if there is a problem with poor workplace behaviour in my department?"

It takes time and perseverance to evoke long lasting change so if you don’t see a change right away do not give up. Remember, you may have changed things for even a few individuals more than you realise or they will admit.

This can really change. An example of success can be found on the Module 4 main page.

If you are encountering difficulty try:

  • Going back to basic principles – Have you understood the root of the problem?
  • Get help – Is there anyone else who you could get support from?
  • Escalate – Have you involved your Workplace Behaviour Champion, senior department leaders, trust leaders, HEE team eg Training Programme Director/Head of School and human resources?