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2. What does a Workplace Behaviour Champion do?

The exact remit and role of a workplace behaviour champion is determined locally, but could include:

  • Advocate for civility, respect and kindness in the workplace
  • Be a port of call for colleagues who encounter poor workplace behaviours
  • Listen, support, liaise and signpost
  • Take an active stance in addressing poor workplace behaviours

General conduct

  • Be kind, non-judgmental and have empathy
  • Carefully maintain confidentiality


  • Know where and when to ask for support
  • Know your own HR policy and escalation pathway should it be needed
  • Look after your wellbeing
  • Highlight good behaviours
  • Report on/assess progress of issues with poor workplace behaviour
  • Consider being part of a multidisciplinary WPB team or Positive Working group


  • Gossip
  • Feel you must have all the answers or have to address WPB issues alone
  • Criticise others using hindsight bias (e.g. ‘I would never have done that‘)
  • Shy away from the difficult issues

The RCOG Regional Workplace Behaviour Champions have a specific remit, which is covered in Question 5 "What are the RCOG regional Workplace Behaviour Champions?"