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1. What is a Workplace Behaviour Champion?

Workplace Behaviour Champions are locally-appointed advocates for positive working environments and workplace culture, within a department or trust.

They may be a doctor, midwife, nurse or member of the multidisciplinary team.  Departments may have one champion or a diverse team of champions. Their exact remit will be determined locally but Question 2 "What does a Workplace Behaviour Champion do?" explores some of the things they might do in this role.

Not all trusts have someone in this role but increasing numbers do. Having a WPB champion, or a team of champions, in a department represents the commitment of the department to promoting good workplace behaviours and a recognition of its importance for both staff wellbeing and safe patient care. 

In addition, the RCOG has a network of Regional Workplace Behaviour Champions. These champions are mainly aimed at helping trainees and non-training junior doctors. There is one in each School/deanery.  They work closely with the local education and training boards and report to their regional School Board but are independent from any assessment process to ensure objectivity and externality.