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BPS delegate email template

Copy and paste the content of this page into an email and send it to all your registered delegates 2-3 weeks before the event date.

Dear Delegate,

Thank you for registering to attend the Basic Practical Skills Course (BPS) taking place on [DATE], at [LOCATION]

Prior to the commencing the face-to-face Basic Practical Skills (BPS) course, all delegates are required to undertake the BPS eLearning tutorials. You will need to complete 10 online tutorials, which have been designed to help you understand the theory and key issues behind the practical skills you will learn on the course. 

We highly recommend that you read the BPS User Guide before starting the e-tutorials.

 Please complete the following tutorials and assessments you will have three certificates 100% complete at the end of it:  

  1. Consent

  2. Electrosurgery

  3. Surgical scrubbing

  4. Instruments

  5. Surgical positioning

  6. Suture and needles

  7. Instrumental delivery

  8. Fetal blood sampling

  9. Electronic fetal monitoring

  10. Anterior abdominal wall

You will be required to present us with three certificate of completion of the tutorials and assessments. Instructions on how to download the certificate can be found on the BPS User Guide. 

Please complete all tutorials, including the assessments, and email or print off a certificate of completion BEFORE attending the 2-day course.  


Should you encounter any problems, please contact RCOG eLearning on 

Please visit the eLearning platform for access to many other tutorials on core knowledge, exam preparation and non-technical skills.


Kind Regards,