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RCOG Annual Professional Development Conference, 2013

Many thanks for registering for the RCOG Annual Professional Development Conference on Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 November 2013. You will receive your certificate of attendance on completion of the online feedback form. Please therefore make sure your details under ‘My profile’ are correct.

Online presentations

Please note: we can only upload presentations online in advance once we have received them from the speakers along with written consent that they are happy for us to do so. Some speakers may also make last minute alterations to their talks; these changes will not be reflected in the uploaded slides.

The following speakers have NOT given us permission to upload their talks:

  • Dr Carol Brunell - CT and MR Imaging in Gynaecology (BSGI Breakout Session)
  • Mr Dominic Byrne - Management of Servere Endometriosis (BSGE Breakout Session)
  • Miss Suzanne Jackson - Human Factors in Gynaecology and Training Tools
  • Dr Sarah Vause - Hands-on Workshop: CNST Looking to the Future
  • Mr Pierre Martin-Hirsch - Primary HPV Screening (BSCCP Breakout Session)
  • Dr Parameswaran Sashidharan - Non-viral STIs and the Vulva (BASHH Breakout Session)
  • Dr Ed Johnstone - Tales from the Placenta Clinic (BMFMS Breakout Session)
  • Professor Nazar Amso - Asymptomatic Ultrasound Detected Adnexal Masses in Postmenopausal Women: A Clinical Challenge? (BSGI Breakout Session)
  • Dr Paula Baraister - Contraception after Pregnancy (FSRH Breakout Session)

You can access the rest of the presentations for this meeting in the ‘My courses, events & exams’ section of ‘My profile’. Click on the name of the event to see all presentations available for download, then click on the presentation you want to download.

If you wish to print off the slides please consider the environment and print multiple slides to a page. You can do this by clicking Print then under Page Scaling select Multiple Pages per Sheet from the drop down menu. You will then be able to choose how many slides you wish to print per page. Alternatively, these can be saved to your PC.

Please note: We do not have printing facilities at the venue.

RCOG Personal Reflection Template

As the GMC has put great emphasis on reflection, we recommend that delegates record their reflection on the meeting attended. You can then upload the completed form to your ePortfolio to support evidence of your attendance.

You can access the personal reflection template for this meeting in the ‘My courses, events & exams’ section of ‘My profile’. Click on the name of the event, then click on ‘RCOG personal reflection template’ to download the form.

For guidance on how to fill in the form, please visit the reflection page on our website.