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Member exclusive webinars

These webinars are exclusively available to RCOG Fellows, Members, Trainees and Associates, with focus on College activities and ongoing work to support you, particularly during recovery from the pandemic.

Led by College Officers and special expert guests, the webinars feature key topics relevant to O&G training and clinical practice, and are available to watch on demand at a time that suits you.

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The invisible global pandemic: domestic violence and abuse - best practice for clinicians

24 February 2021

Led by Ranee Thakar, RCOG Senior Vice President for Global Health, this webinar features three presentations from clinicians in the UK, India and Africa. Our speakers provide evidence-based solutions to identify and respond to domestic violence and abuse.

Topics include the epidemiology of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) in the antenatal and perinatal period (prevalence and impact), and the role of the obstetrician and midwife in asking about and responding to disclosure. The speakers will reveal how this fits with national and trust policies.

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Race inequalities in O&G and women’s health: RCOG’s Race Equality Taskforce

24 March 2021

Addressing race inequalities in women’s health, and tackling racism and bias within O&G are key priorities for the RCOG.

Led by Edward Morris, RCOC President, this webinar will discuss the role of the Race Equality Taskforce, what the RCOG is doing to support our membership, and new research into inequalities in women’s health outcomes.

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Education in a COVID-19 environment and beyond

28 April 2021

Led by Sue Ward, RCOG Vice President for Education, this webinar addresses the impact of the pandemic on education and training opportunities across the UK, with a focus on MRCOG exams and restoration of training.

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An environment to thrive - an update on work force issues

26 May 2021

Led by Jo Mountfield, RCOG Vice President for Workforce and Professionalism, this webinar explores the latest workforce issues and the support available to doctors at all career stages.

This webinar also includes a talk from guest speaker, Prerana Issar, Chief People Officer for the NHS.

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Workplace behaviour – supporting our doctors

28 July 2021

A unique opportunity to discover key themes that can emerge in the workplace including bullying and investigations. This webinar, led by Pat O’Brien, RCOG Vice President for Membership, will also offer practical advice on early signs of distress and how to tackle this.

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