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Early Riser sessions

The 2019 RCOG World Congress programme includes Early Riser sessions on both Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 June. These will all take place at ExCeL, London.

  • Early Riser sessions are included in the registration fee.
  • Attendance at these sessions will be based on a first come, first served basis on the day.
  • Refreshments will not be provided in these sessions.


Early Riser sessions (alphabetical)


Getting involved in Green-top guidelines: introducing the new format and how to develop one

Wednesday 19 June 0715–0800

This session will outline the process of developing a Green-top Guideline and introduce the new format.

How to develop a Green-top Guideline

  • Proposals and Scoping
  • Writing a guideline (identifying and assessing evidence)
  • External consultation
  • Publication


  • Dr Andrew Thomson, MRCOG
  • Dr Sarah Prince, MRCOG
  • Ms Louise Thomas
  • Ms Sarah Miles


HSIB - A new approach to maternity investigations in England

Tuesday 18 June 0715–0800

This session is to share the experience and early learning from the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch [HSIB] National Maternity Investigation programme. Attendees will also be able to understand some of the early themes identified from independent investigations into defined maternity incidents in England.

See full agenda and speakers


Implementing Postpartum Contraception Programs: Global and UK experience

Tuesday 18 June 0715–0800

Showcase global experience of delivering postpartum contraception programs. The session will consist of views of both global and UK experience and will also include a panel discussion with presenters and Leading Safe Choices RCOG.


  • Sharon Cameron, NHS Lothian University of Edinburgh
  • Anita Makins, FIGO
  • Paul Blumenthal, Stanford University USA
  • Michelle Cooper , University of Edinburgh
  • Greg Petro, Valerie Truby, and Alison Furey - Leading Safe Choices RCOG


New core curriculum and e-portfolio

Wednesday 19 June 0715–0800

The session will assist attendees with:

  • Understanding the new 2019 core curriculum
  • Understanding the implementation of the curriculum in October 2019
  • Having experience of the new eportfolio and its use


  • Jo Mountfield, Chair Specialty Education Advisory committee RCOG
  • Rehan Khan, Assessment advisor RCOG
  • Adalina Sacco, Chair National Trainees Committee RCOG
  • Alex Baker, RCOG e-portfolio manager


RCOG Women’s Network - enhancing your communication to improve care

Tuesday 18 June 0715–0800

In line with the 2019 World Congress being enhanced by the experiences of O&G service users, this workshop will focus on the value of communication within a clinical setting. It will explore how empowering women through using inclusive and appropriate language, facilitating empathetic discussion and effectively listening can support truly informed and shared decision making.

Delegates attending will:

  • Explore the linguistic nuances in today’s maternity and gynaecology landscape
  • Consider their own language and communication and how this may impact on women’s health experiences
  • Explore the communication skills needed for the Part 3 exam and in practice to effectively listen, inform and support women to make decisions.


  • Kate Brian, RCOG Women’s Voices Lead / Chair of the Women’s Network
  • Catherine Nestor co-Vice Chair of the Women’s Network
  • Jane Plumb, co-Vice Chair of the Women’s Network


Supporting our Doctors: Effective dispute resolution and improving workplace cultures

Wednesday 19 June 0715–0800

This session will provide practical tools and guidance for building supportive team cultures and addressing challenges locally and their impact on improved patient care.

Further details to follow shortly.


The RCOG MTI scheme explained

Tuesday 18 June 0715–0800

A series of short presentations about the MTI scheme: the benefits, how to prepare for it, the selection process and support when in the UK.

The session will include:

  • Information about MTI – benefits, what you will learn, jobs in the UK, Part 2 & 3 MRCOG, expectation to return after 2 years
  • About the selection process, references, interviews, application form  
  • Support whilst in UK – buddying, Trust, RCOG induction, selected info from survey, appraisal.


  • Hani Fawzi , RCOG Vice President
  • Dhiraj Uchil, MTI Officer
  • Aleksandra Dubanowicz, MTI coordinator
  • Dilip Visvanathan
  • Rosie Townsend


Update on MRCOG

Sunday 16 June 14001800

Further details to follow shortly.




For all enquiries regarding RCOG World Congress 2019 contact Hampton Medical:

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