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Advanced Second Stage Skills Masterclass - A collaboration between the QSSS and ROBUST faculties

Fee: £245 incl VAT
Sunday 16 June 0900–1800
Max capacity 30 - FULLY BOOKED

This workshop targets clinical decision making, safe operative techniques in the second stage of labour and the prevention of obstetric anal sphincter injuries. It will include simulation stations on direct and rotational vacuum and forceps, manual rotation and disimpaction techniques at second stage caesarean.


  • Mr George Attiilakos
  • Dr Rachna Bahl
  • Mr Kim Hinshaw
  • Dr Ross McQuivey
  • Mr Raffaele Napolitano
  • Dr Stephen O'Brien
  • Mr Karl Olah
  • Dr Dimitrios Siassakos
  • Dr Christian Barnick
  • Dr Alison Wright
  • Dr Ranee Thakar
  • Ms Miriham El-Halawani
  • Dr Amr El-Nouri
  • Ms Sophia Webster
  • Mr Alexander Taylor
  • Dr Glen Mola


09.00-09.10  Introduction, professionalism, respectful care 
09.10-09.30  Clinical decision making and mode of delivery 
09.30-10.00  GROUP  A Use of partograph | GROUP B Decision making in second stage
10.00-10.30  GROUP A Decision making in second stage – scenarios | GROUP B Use of partograph 
10.30-10.50  Non-rotational vacuum and forceps
10.50-11.10  Refreshments  
11.10-11.40  GROUP A Direct vacuum | GROUP B  Direct forceps
11.40-12.10  GROUP A Direct forceps | GROUP B Direct vacuum
12.10-12.30  Ultrasound in diagnosing malpresentation
12.30-13.00  GROUP A Kiellands OP | GROUP B Rotational vacuum
13.00-13.40  Lunch  
13.40-14.10  GROUP A Rotational vacuum | GROUP B Kiellands OP
14.10-14.40  GROUP A Manual rotation | GROUP B Kiellands OT
14.40-15.10  GROUP A Kiellands OT | GROUP B Manual rotation
15.10-15.30  Refreshments  
15.30-15.45  CS in second stage 
15.45-16.15  GROUP A CS in second stage - case scenarios | GROUP B CS in second stage - disimpaction practice
16.15-16.45  GROUP A CS in second stage - disimpaction practice | GROUP B CS in second stage - case scenarios
16.45-17.05  OASI care bundle 
17.05-17.25  Medicolegal considerations  
17.25-17.35  Questions and close  


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