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Each Baby Counts - Recommendations to Reality: How to Implement Guidelines

Fee: £95 incl VAT
Sunday 16 June 0900–1300
Max capacity 20 - Limited places remaining

This workshop will include:

  • Revision of key recommendations and implementation strategies from the Each Baby Counts November 2018 report
  • Demonstration of human factors simulations, emphasis on team working and decision making & how & why staff deviate from guidelines
  • Practical steps to improve the culture, processes and climate in your unit to improve guideline compliance


  • Mr Eddie Morris
  • Ms Louise Thomas
  • Dr Sarah Prince
  • Dr Sophia Ansari
  • Mr Ed Prosser Snelling

Agenda (final timings to be confirmed)

1. Introduction –VP Clinical Quality – Why do we have guidelines and what do we know about why they are not followed?
2. Lecture - Summary of key recommendations from the EBC report – what did we learn about guidelines? 
3. Practical – Recommendations into Reality – using simulation to underpin learning from national events.
4. Lecture – Human Deviation & Systems Thinking.  Making systems that work for people. Prior to the practical session an exploration of how to make guidelines that are practical, and how simulation training is key to this.
5. Practical – Designing systems for humans.  Delegates will have the chance to adapt a recommendation from the each baby counts report for use in their local unit, and outline and simulate how this might be achieved.


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