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iPoster Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to commonly asked questions about iPosters in general. More specific questions on iPoster Mini Theatres and iPoster Screen Time can be found by clicking on the links below
iPoster Mini Theatre FAQs
Go to iPoster Mini Threatre FAQs
iPoster Provider's FAQs
Click here for the link to our iPoster supplier's FAQs on designing your iPoster using their software (external link)
iPoster Screen Time FAQs
Go to iPoster Screen Time FAQs
iPoster Provider's Video Tutorials
Click here to find video tutorials on designing your iPoster (external link)

What is an iPoster and how is it different from an ePoster?

Where can I find a template to design my iPoster?

Where will my iPoster be displayed?

Are there any opportunities for me to present my iPoster to an audience?

Why do I have to pay a fee to display my iPoster?

Will I receive a certificate for presenting my iPoster?

I can’t attend, can someone else present my iPoster?

Is there somewhere I can take a picture of my iPoster?

Are there prizes available for the best iPosters?