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Location: Medical Simulation Center, Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB)

Cost: US $130

Timings: 09:10 - 17:00

This workshop takes place in the state of the art Simulation Center, with life-like mannequins and highly experienced International Faculty.

There is ample time allocated for hands on training and practice, which will give the participants good insight into critical care in obstetrics


  • To improve health care professionals’ awareness of the safe care of the main causes of maternal mortality in low economic settings
  • To improve staff awareness of how to use their available resources in a multidisciplinary approach to reduce maternal mortality and serious adverse events
  • To improve maternity service provision for the below mentioned some main causes of maternal mortality in developing countries (post-partum haemorrhage, preeclampsia/eclampsia, thromboembolism, and maternal sepsis)
  • To introduce and establish the concept of Maternal Near Miss criteria at tertiary hospitals



  • Prof Ahmed Galal (Egypt)
  • Mr Ramesh Ganapathy (UK)


  • Mr Hassan Shehata (UK) ( Lead)
  • Mr Aiman Alsumadi (Jordan)
  • Miss Vishalli Ghai (UK)
  • Miss Chorouk Boureq (UK)
  • Mr Amer Gharaibeh (Jordan)
  • Dr Jamila Al Abri ( Oman )

Local Facilitators:

  • Dr Devyani Narayan (Lead)
  • Dr Shamsa Al Hinai
  • Dr Sumaiya Al Aamri
  • Dr Jayashree Santosh


Maternal near miss - introduction of the concept

Thromboembolism lecture

VTE risk scoring and thromboprophylaxis 

Severe PIH and eclampsia

Coffee break 

Sepsis, prevention and control

Post partum hemorrhage

ABC resuscitation/cardiac arrest

Lunch break 

Rotated practical stations

1. Shoulder dystocia

2. Assisted Breech Delivery

3. Management of Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy

4. Management of Eclampsia

5. Management of PPH - Scenario

6. Surgical Management of PPH

*may be subject to change