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Basic and Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound

Location: Royal Hospital

Cost: US $260

Timings: 08:15 - 16:30


This is mainly a hands-on workshop where candidates get hands on training on how to perform basic obstetric scanning as well as fetal echo and brief overview about 3D/4D scanning.

During the workshop candidates will get hands on training on how to perform 1st trimester, anomaly, growth and doppler scans.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this workshop candidates are expected to be familiar with:

  • Setting up the ultrasound machine
  • The correct orientation of ultrasound images andwhich knobs are important to ensure optimal imaging
  • Other technical aspects of ultrasound examinations including the 6 steps approach and probe movements
  • Understanding the basic principles related to scanning skills for assessing anomaly, growth, doppler and fetal echo


  • Prof Hisham Mirghani (UAE)
  • Prof. Philipe Jeanty (USA)
  • Prof Wisam Kurdi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Prof Karim Kalache (Qatar)
  • Prof Bader Al Deen Ahmed (Qatar)
  • GE technician Jannica (GE)
  • Dr Dina Al Balushi (Oman)
  • Dr Mouza Al Salmani (Oman)
  • Dr Nihal Al Riyami (Oman)
  • Dr Megha Venkatraman (Oman)


Welcome talk and brief overview about the workshop - Dr Mouza Al Salmani

Orientation to the ultrasound machine, including transducers, knobology and images production - Dr Mouza Al Salmani

The six steps approach and probe movements - Prof Hisham Mirghani 

The 1st trimester scan - Prof Kareem Kalache

The second trimester anomaly scan - Dr Megha Venkatraman

The basics in fetal wellbeing assessment including the growth and doppler - Prof Badre Al Deen Ahmed

The Basics in fetal echocardiography - Prof Philipe Jeanty

Coffee break

Practical hands on training streams - videos followed by practical streams

Lunch and prayers

Practical hands on training streams

The Participants will be divided into groups to practice on the following:
Orientation to scan machines, probs and prob movements
First trimester scan
Growth scan
Doppler studies
Basic anomaly scan
Basic fetal echo
3D & 4D scan

Discussion and recap

*may be subject to change