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Advanced Second Stage Skills

A collaboration by the QSSS and ROBuST faculties

Location: OCEC

Cost: US $260

Timings: 08:30 - 17:00


Full day hands-on programme promoting appropriate, safe and successful management of 2nd stage of labour.

Learning objectives

  • Safe and skilled clinical decision making in the second stage of labour
  • Proficiency in the performance of operative vaginal delivery for OA, OT and OP positions (vacuum and forceps)
  • Quality improvement in second stage of labour management such as the prevention of obstetric anal sphincter injuries
  • Safe techniques to minimise the complications of second stage caesarean section.


  • Dr Sophia Webster (UK)
  • Dr Alison Wright (UK)
  • Dr George Attilakos (UK)
  • Dr Christian Barnick (UK)
  • Dr Tim Draycott (UK)
  • Dr Pat O’Brien (UK)
  • Dr Glen Mola (Papua New Guinea)
  • Dr Ranee Thakar (UK)
  • Dr Samina Dornan (UAE)
  • Dr Rudaina Hassan, (Qatar)
  • Dr Ross McQuivey (USA)
  • Prof Amr ElNouri (Egypt)
  • Dr Osric Navti (Qatar)


  • Dr Anita Zutshi (lead) (Oman)
  • Dr Shahila Khan (Oman)
  • Dr Sumaiya Al Amri (Oman)
  • Dr Alya Al Madhani (Oman)


  • Professionalism and respectful care (lecture)
  • Clinical decision making and mode of delivery (lecture and practical)
  • Vacuum and forceps delivery (lecture)
  • Direct vacuum and forceps (practical)
  • Rotational vacuum and forceps (practical)
  • Manual rotation (practical)
  • Odon device (lecture and demonstration)
  • Ultrasound for malposition (lecture)
  • Second stage caesarean section (lecture and practical)
  • Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury care bundle (lecture)

*may be subject to change


  • QSSS - Quality Improvement and Safety in the Second Stage
  • ROBUST - RCOG Operative Birth Simulation Training


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