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Colposcopy Workshop

Location: OCEC

Cost: US $130

Timings: 08:30 - 12:30


This half-day programme provides attendees with advanced understanding of the new standards for cervical cancer screening, including HPV testing and managements of abnormal cervical lesions.


  • Discuss the typical cytologic and colposcopic findings of the normal and abnormal cervix including low-grade, high-grade, and malignant lesions of the cervix.
  • Demonstrate appropriate locations for biopsy on cervix images.
  • Interpret and correlate cytologic, colposcopic, with histologic results.
  • Formulate management plan for test abnormalities according to the most recent BSCCP Guidelines.
  • List the benefits and risks of a new HPV vaccine.
  • Discuss the potential value of primary HPV screening.
  • Interactive session discussion of diagnosis and treatment


  • Prof Karen Chan  (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Ismail Al Badawi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Dr Thuria Al Rawahi (Oman)
  • Dr Sharifa Al Farsi  (Oman)
  • Dr V Gowri  (Oman)



Screening of cervical cancer (methods and programs)
HPV infection and cervical carcinogenesis
HPV vaccination and cervical screening post vaccination
Colposcopy terminology and normal findings
Review therapeutic modalities (cryo-cautery, LLETZ & Laser)
Colposcopy in special situations (atrophy and pregnancy)
Slides presentation with interactive discussion of low vs high grade cervical lesion
 Slides presentation with interactive discussion of glandular lesions
Closing remarks

*may be subject to change


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