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Laparoscopic Suturing Workshop

Location: OCEC

Cost: US $260

Timings: 08:00 - 16:30


This is a full day workshop that offers an opportunity to learn fundamentals of laparoscopic suturing and practice on various laparoscopic suturing techniques. The workshop is targeting those who appreciates the importance of laparoscopic suturing and aspire to expand the horizon of the types of procedures that they can perform once they acquire this important endoscopic surgical skill.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this workshop candidates are expected to be familiar with:

  • Instrumentation, ergonomics, angles and dexterity in laparoscopic suturing
  • Introducing the needle and sutures in the peritoneal cavity & removing it
  • Needle handling: loading, alignment, orientation and bite placement
  • Intra-corporeal and Extracorporeal knotting techniques
  • Clinical applications of suturing in gynecology
  • Challenges in laparoscopic suturing


  • Prof Nutan Jain
  • Dr Ghassan Lotfi
  • Dr Khalsa Al-Hattali
  • Dr Sheikha Al-Jabri
  • Dr Maryam Al-Shukri



Welcome remarks

Lecture: suture is the future - Prof Nutan Jain

Lecture: instrumentation, ergonomics, and dexterity in laparoscopic suturing (Including port placement, needle holders, assistant graspers, suture material) - Dr Ghassan Lotfi

Lecture: introduction, manipulation and removal of the needle from the peritoneal cavity (Including Intra-abdominal Needle handling: loading, alignment, orientation and bite placement) - Prof Nutan Jain

Hands on 
Needle aligning and holding in correct grip. (20 min)
Needle passage through tissue. (30 min)


Lecture: knot tying techniques: extracorporeal - Dr Nutan Jain

Lecture: knot tying techniques: intracorporeal (Including gladiator knot) - Dr Nutan Jain

Hands on: knot tying techniques
Extracorporeal (30 min)
Intracorporeal (50 min)

Lunch and prayers 

Lecture: additional tips and tricks including; vaginal vault closure, closure of myoma bed - Dr Nutan Jain

Hands on: wet lab: 2-Layer closure of myoma bed on chicken leg or chest (deep muscle layer and skin)

Hands on: post-test on pelvic trainer with guidance of main screen.  

Closing remarks 

*may be subject to change


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