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Guide to CPD

Cut-off date for the use of the old CPD ePortfolio – 31 August 2021

In consideration of the difficulties that Fellows, Members and Associates have been experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic and with most appraisals being delayed by approximately 6 months, the College has decided to continue to make the old CPD ePortfolio available until 31 August 2021. This will allow doctors to use their old ePortfolio until appraisal. After 31 August 2021, you will no longer be able to use your old CPD ePortfolio, but this will be available in read-only form until 31 December 2021.

In the meantime, the suppliers of the old CPD ePortfolio will be developing a new and easy way of electronically downloading doctors’ old CPD data for safe keeping. We will keep you up to date with this development.

Please contact the CPD team if you have any enquiries regarding this or regarding the use of the new CPD ePortfolio (tel: 020 7772 6307 or email: The team can provide a telephone demonstration on the use of the new CPD ePortfolio with some practical examples relating to your individual needs.

The College has a new CPD framework, with a new ePortfolio. This section of the site provides an overview of the older CPD framework and the resources the College offers to participants on the RCOG’s older CPD programme.

Speaker at RCOG conference

Delegates at RCOG conference

Exhibitor and delegate at RCOG course

Introduction to CPD  

The introduction to CPD provides general information about CPD, including:

  • Who should participate in CPD
  • How the RCOG supports CPD
  • Who can participate in the RCOG’s CPD programme
  • The link between CPD and revalidation

How to register for the RCOG’s CPD programme

The CPD registration page outlines:

  • How to register for the RCOG’s CPD programme
  • Benefits of registering on the RCOG’s CPD programme

CPD ePortfolio

The CPD ePortfolio page explains how to use the RCOG’s CPD/Revalidation ePortfolio, which we provide to all participants on our CPD programme.

TOG CPD questions

The TOG CPD questions page explains how to claim knowledge-based assessment credits via the questions published in the College’s CPD journal, The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.

Advice for CPD providers

The advice for CPD providers page provides guidance for external organisations who provide CPD activities and resources.

Which ePortfolio should I use?

If you are unsure which ePortfolio to use please read the RCOG guidance on how to choose the right ePortfolio.

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