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TOG CPD questions

One of the requirements of continuing professional development (CPD) is participation in knowledge-based assessment (KBA). In the RCOG’s CPD programme, you can achieve KBA credits mainly via the questions provided in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG), our quarterly CPD journal.

You can claim 2 credits for each TOG article for which you successfully complete the CPD questions (70% compliance with the authors). You can attempt each set of TOG questions a maximum of 3 times.

Read TOG articles

To read TOG articles, visit TOG online (you’ll need to be signed in to the RCOG website).

Submit your answers to TOG CPD questions

To submit your answers, go to the TOG CPD questions section of the ePortfolio (you’ll need to be signed in to the RCOG website). For guidance on how to add TOG credits to your ePortfolio, please see page 18 of the CPD/Revalidation ePortfolio user guide (PDF 1.31mb).

SBA questions

TOG also produces single best answer (SBA) questions for each article. These are a helpful revision tool as they are similar to the question format in the MRCOG exams. However, they are free to access for everyone, whether you are preparing for an exam or not. They can be found on the StratOG website.

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