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Which ePortfolio should I use?

Decide which of the College’s two ePortfolios is best for you

Training ePortfolio

The Training ePortfolio is based around the RCOG core curriculum and logbook and contains all associated assessments. It is intended for specialty trainees working towards their CCT, but can also be used by doctors working in non-training posts who may be working towards CESR.

What does the training ePortfolio allow me to do?

You can:

  • Keep a record of your core, ATSM and/or subspecialty curriculum/logbook competences and associated assessments
  • Allow direct access for your Educational Supervisor(s) and College Tutor, so they can view and/or sign off your completed curriculum/logbook items and assessments
  • Use the ‘log of experience’ section to keep records of clinical procedures and reflections on clinical situations you have encountered
  • Send ‘ticket requests’ to assessors, allowing them to remotely complete assessment forms for any procedures they have observed
  • Upload course certificates to a dedicated ‘courses’ section
  • Upload other material relevant to your training to your ‘personal library’
  • Download details of any relevant curriculum/logbook competences and/or forms that you have completed in PDF format

You cannot:

  • Upload details of your professional development activities
  • Keep a record of CPD credits accrued

What does it cost?

Access to the Training ePortfolio is available only by subscribing to the Trainees’ Register. This has an annual subscription charge of £140.


CPD ePortfolio

The CPD ePortfolio is designed for doctors in non-training posts. It supports them to remain up to date in an ever-changing medical environment. 

What does the CPD ePortfolio allow me to do?

You can:

  • Record your professional development activities (e.g. attendance at local or national/international meetings, publications, eLearning, reflective learning, teaching sessions or presentations)
  • Upload certificates of attendance and reflection for the CPD activities carried out
  • Upload your job plans and personal development plans (to demonstrate the relevance of your CPD activities to what you do)
  • Download a summary of the number of CPD credits accrued, for appraisal
  • Download a list of CPD activities recorded, for appraisal
  • Download a zip of evidence including all certificates that have been uploaded to the system, for appraisal
  • Upload summaries of annual appraisal and outcomes of patient and colleague questionnaires, for revalidation

You cannot:

  • Keep a record of your clinical procedures, competences, assessments or other training-related documentation
  • Allow direct access to your appraiser or supervisor

What does it cost?

The CPD ePortfolio is a benefit of College membership: UK and International Fellows and Members working in non-training posts can access the CPD ePortfolio at no additional cost.


RCOG Associates

If you do not hold the MRCOG Part 2 and wish to have access to the CPD ePortfolio, you can do so by becoming an Associate member of the RCOG. Find out more about Associate membership.

Associate members do not receive access to the Training ePortfolio as part of their benefits. However, UK Associates can apply to access the Training ePortfolio for an additional fee of £33 per year. Before applying, we suggest that you discuss your needs with your appraiser or supervisor.


Non-training posts

Some non-training grade doctors (e.g. SAS, Trust, Clinical Fellows, etc.) may have training elements in their job plan and would like to keep a record of their competencies. If so, they can apply to have access to the Training ePortfolio as well as the CPD ePortfolio. We recommend that you discuss this with your appraiser or supervisor before applying.


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