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Approval of CPD activities

This page provides information about approval of continuing professional development (CPD) activities arranged by external organisers and suspected falsification of CPD evidence.

If you’re a provider of CPD activities, please read the RCOG’s advice for CPD providers.

Non-RCOG CPD activities

The RCOG doesn’t formally approve or quality-assure CPD events and activities arranged by external organisations. This means the CPD participant has responsibility for making decisions about the educational value of such events.

Before the event

Before attending an event/activity, identify what you want to gain educationally through attendance:

  • Is it relevant to your overall learning programme?
  • Will you benefit educationally?

Check the publicity literature for:

  • A clear description of the primary intended audience and others who might find the event useful
  • The subjects to be covered, including content and level
  • The educational aims of the activity
  • The format (lectures, workshops, seminars, etc.)
  • Personnel involved (course leaders, speakers, etc.)
  • Where possible, details of the material supplementing the event (reports, speakers’ contributions, etc.)

After the event

After the event/activity, reflect on how useful the education you received was to you:

  • Why did you attend?
  • Was it relevant to you?
  • Was the material presented in an acceptable manner?
  • Did it provide opportunities for interaction?
  • Did the teaching reflect evidence-based clinical practice or relevant current research?
  • Will it change your practice or does it reinforce your current practice?

Where appropriate, there should be a written evaluation mechanism including your opinion of the various components of the event: syllabus content, quality of speakers, overall educational value, etc. All feedback, positive and negative, should be given to the event provider. Prospective delegates may ask the provider to see the results of evaluations of previous events, which should be made available.

To record the activity in your ePortfolio, make an entry of the event and retain a certificate of attendance, which should be supplied by the CPD provider. You should normally claim 1 CPD credit for 1 educationally useful hour; therefore, you should claim credits only for educationally useful hours you feel you have achieved.

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