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CPD programme: summary of key requirements

This page provides a quick reference guide to the key requirements of the RCOG’s CPD programme.

For more information, please visit the main CPD programme section or download the CPD Guide (below).

Download the RCOG's CPD Guide

Our CPD Guide provides detailed information about the RCOG’s CPD programme

CPD cycle credit requirements

You must claim at least 250 credits in total during each 5-year cycle, with:

  • A minimum of 50 local category credits
  • A minimum of 50 national/international category credits
  • A minimum of 50 personal/professional category credits
  • A minimum of 50 knowledge-based assessment category credits

The knowledge-based assessment (KBA) category requirement started in 2011. If you were half-way through a cycle in 2011, your KBA requirement will be determined on a pro rata basis. Please refer to the ‘Cycle Analysis’ page of your ePortfolio; under ‘Cycle Credit Summary’, you’ll find the number of KBA credits you’re required to achieve in your current cycle.

KBA is undertaken mainly via the questions provided in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG). You can claim 2 credits for each TOG article successfully completed. You’ll need to select the TOG articles which are relevant to your area of practice.

CPD annual credit requirements

You must claim at least 50 credits per year with a balanced spread of activity.

Most of you were transferred to the revised CPD programme and ePortfolio during 2010. Since then, you need to accrue at least 50 credits per year with a balanced spread of activity.

Mandatory meeting requirement

You are required to attend at least one mandatory meeting in each 5-year cycle (view the list of mandatory meetings for both generalist obstetricians and gynaecologists and subspecialists).

The list isn’t exhaustive and you may find other high-quality meetings organised by societies more relevant to your clinical practice. If you wish to claim an event that isn’t on the list as your mandatory meeting, please email the CPD Office.

Balanced spread of activity requirement

There’s a range of CPD activities for you to choose from (view the list of available CPD activities). It’s important that you demonstrate that you have a balanced spread of activity. For this reason, the College has set a maximum allowance of 25 credits for each main kind of activity in each 5-year cycle. For example, you may claim a maximum of 25 credits during each 5-year cycle for publishing papers or for giving presentations.

Evidence requirement

You need to attach evidence for some of your CPD activities in your ePortfolio. Below are some examples of necessary evidence/supporting information:

  • Confirmation or certificate of hands-on technical learning
  • Certificates of attendance for national and international meetings
  • Certificates of completion of case-based studies agreed with the RCOG
  • An internationally recognised reference for your publications
  • Findings of local or national audits (audit summary page or flyer of audit meeting with your name quoted as the presenter of the audit)
  • Evidence of audit of personal clinical practice (audit summary page or flyer of the audit meeting with your name quoted as the presenter of the audit)
  • Certificate of completion for a postgraduate degree or diploma
  • Reflective learning forms (these are built in to your ePortfolio under the personal/professional category; please also visit the reflection page)

The College won’t ask you to provide evidence for all of your CPD activities. For example:

  • You won’t need to provide evidence for attending local meetings
  • You won’t need to attach certificates of completion for TOG articles, but you will need to record the titles of completed TOG articles in your ePortfolio 
  • For publications, providing an internationally recognised reference will be sufficient

Annual job plan and personal development plan requirement

You need to demonstrate that your CPD activities are relevant to your scope of work. Therefore, each year we ask you to attach your job plan (or brief description of your scope of work) and your personal development plan. You will need to attach these documents from the date you were transferred to the ePortfolio.

ePortfolio – how to download a statement confirming your current CPD position

  • The ‘Cycle Analysis’ page in your ePortfolio gives an up-to-date indication of the number of credits you have accrued by cycle, category and year. To download a statement from this page, click on ‘printer friendly version’.
  • At the end of each CPD year: Click on ‘Cycle Analysis’ and check that you’ve accrued at least 50 credits. If you’ve accrued 50 credits, under ‘Year Credit Summary’ you should see the following statement: ‘You have met the credit requirements for this year.’ If you don’t see this statement, please email the CPD Office.
  • Throughout your 5-year CPD cycle: In the ‘Cycle Analysis page’ under ‘Cycle Credit Summary’, please check your progress in terms of the number of credits already accrued (in total and in each category) and the number of credits you still need to accrue. Please note that you must now accrue 50 credits each year even if you have achieved 250 credits early in the cycle.
  • At the end of the CPD cycle: If you’ve satisfied the credit requirements of a 5-year cycle, in the ‘Cycle Analysis’ page (under ‘Cycle Credit Summary’) you should see the statement: ‘Congratulations, you have met the credit requirements of this cycle.’ If you don’t see this statement, please email the CPD Office.
  • Zip of evidence: From the cycle analysis page, you can download a zip of evidence, including all the certificates that you have attached to your CPD entries.  If you wish the zip of evidence also to include your reflection, you will need to attach the stand alone personal reflection template to your CPD entries. Please see the reflection page.

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