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Planning and review of individual CPD activity

This page provides information about how your participation in the RCOG’s continuing professional development (CPD) programme will be planned and reviewed.

CPD and annual appraisal

Participation in the RCOG’s CPD programme will normally be confirmed at your annual appraisal, as part of the revalidation process. At your appraisal, you’ll need to present your CPD ePortfolio to confirm you’ve met the annual requirement of 50 credits. Your appraiser will need to assure that the activities undertaken are relevant to your current scope of work.

You can either take your ePortfolio to your appraisal meeting or download an analysis of your CPD cycle and CPD year, indicating the number of CPD credits accrued and the number of credits you still need to meet the requirements. You can also download a list of your CPD activities from the CPD diary page of your ePortfolio. Your CPD activities should be signed off at your appraisal. Visit the ePortfolio page for more information.

Remember that, in addition to your personal development plan and job plan (or description of your scope of work), your CPD ePortfolio needs to contain evidence of your CPD activities, such as certificates of attendance at meetings, results of your audit of professional practice and reflection forms to demonstrate your learning and action.

Your annual appraisal will lead to a new personal development plan, which will include future CPD activity. The CPD you undertake the following year will need to reflect and be relevant to your current and future profile of professional practice and performance.

Revalidation requirements

For guidance about the requirements for revalidation, please visit the revalidation section of this site.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, or need additional information, please email the CPD Office or call +44 20 7772 6307.

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