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Reflecting on your clinical practice is a key part of continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation.

The RCOG provides two reflection tools to support your CPD:

  • A reflective learning form built in to your ePortfolio
  • A stand-alone personal reflection template

Download your reflection from the CPD ePortfolio 

From the cycle analysis page of your CPD ePortfolio, you can download a zip of evidence, including all the certificates that you have attached to your CPD entries.  If you wish the zip of evidence also to include your reflection, you will need to attach the stand alone personal reflection template to your CPD entries.

ePortfolio reflective learning form

You could use this form to record:

  • A local incident that brought about new learning and change of practice (patient care and safety, colleagues, allied health professionals and organisational impact)
  • A guideline that you’ve read, explaining how you’ve implemented it
  • How you made changes to your practice as a result of significant event audits
  • How you applied a newly developed protocol in practice

CPD credits for the ePortfolio reflective learning form

You can claim 1 CPD credit (to a maximum of 25 credits in each 5-year cycle) in the personal/professional category per form.

Stand-alone personal reflection template

You could use this form to record:

  • How your learning from attending a national/international meeting has improved your practice
  • How you developed an audit, with evidence of change of practice
  • How you’ve developed and implemented a new service following learning from a leadership programme
  • How there was an improvement in patient survey or 360-degree results following learning activities or practice development (e.g. following completion of a communication course or leadership course)

CPD credits for the stand-alone personal reflection template

You would normally use this to demonstrate the impact of an activity you’ve already recorded in your ePortfolio (for example, attendance a meeting). You can’t claim CPD credits for both the event itself and the reflection on that event.

How to use the personal reflection template

The form is available as both an editable PDF and a Word document (see below). If you’re unable to save the editable PDF, please use the Word version. To fill in the Word document, click on the grey fields. You can include as much information as you wish as the fields will expand.

You can use the RCOG’s personal reflection template to help personal reflection on all types of CPD activity. The template enables you to record your reflections on what you have learned and subsequent changes you’ve made to your practice.

Please consider how your learning may impact on your practice (patient care and safety, colleagues, allied health professionals and organisational impact).

Reflection should occur as soon as possible following the event, to be contemporaneous and meaningful.

Complete each box of the personal reflection template and avoid one-word answers.

Please do not include third-party identifiers or patient confidential data in the reflection.

What to include on the form

Please read the prompts (Word document, 22 kb) to give you an idea of the kind of things it might be appropriate to write about.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please email the CPD Office or call +44 20 7772 6307.

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