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What to include on your reflection form

This page provides some prompts to help guide you when filling out the RCOG’s stand-alone personal reflection template.

Title and description of the event

  • Why was this activity selected for CPD? 


These are examples of the things you might wish to consider in your reflection:

  • Summarise briefly the learning event
  • Why you chose this and what is it about it that made it important to you
  • How it impacts or is relevant to your current practice?
  • Was it a new skill you are aiming to put into practice or an update?
  • How valuable was the event to you?
  • If it was a meeting, did you feed back to the organisers on the event?

What did you learn?

Describe how this activity contributed to the development of your knowledge, skills or professional behaviours. You may wish to link this learning to one or more of the GMC Good Medical Practice domains to demonstrate compliance with their principles and values, i.e.:

  • Knowledge, skills and performance
  • Safety and quality
  • Communication, partnership and teamwork
  • Maintaining trust


These are examples of the things you might wish to consider in your reflection:

  • Write here briefly what you gained from the event and the importance of it within your sphere of practice
  • How useful the learning was to you
  • What new information was provided?
  • Was it a regular update or society meeting?
  • Was there good networking opportunity or specific elements that changed your ideas?
  • Did you challenge any new ideas presented?

Describe here ways in which your own behaviour will change as a result of reflecting on this event and give a timescale for your actions

  • How have your knowledge, skills and professional behaviours changed?
  • Have you identified any skills and/or knowledge gaps relating to your professional practice?
  • What changes to your professional behaviour have you identified as desirable?
  • How will this activity or event lead to improvements in patient care or safety?
  • How will your current practice change as a result?
  • What aspects of your current practice did you feel were reinforced?
  • What changes in your team/department/organisation’s working have you identified as necessary?


These are examples of the things you might wish to consider in your reflection:

  • Are you planning to make any changes as a result of your learning: if not, say why
  • Describe what these will be and why you think they are important
  • What difference will this make to patients safety and quality?
  • What impact or difference will this make for you personally?
  • Try to identify any needs to help you do this successfully
  • Try to identify which domain of the GMC Good Medical Practice your comments relate to
  • Was your current practice re-enforced or challenged by the learning event?

Have any other issues come out of the experience/event?

  • If further learning and development needs have been identified how do you intend to address these?
  • Set SMART objectives for these (i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound)
  • Can you identify any further specific needs to discuss with your appraiser for your personal development? If so then you must include these in your appraisal submission and reflect them in your personal development plan


These are examples of the things you might wish to consider in your reflection:

  • Write here any personal objectives following the learning event (SMART format)
  • Relate these through into your appraisal each year
  • Did you identify for example wider learning needs, e.g. departmental or organisational? How might you take these forward?
  • Can you share your learning? How will you do this? 

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please email the CPD Office or call +44 20 7772 6307.

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