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Revalidation helpdesk

The RCOG/Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) revalidation helpdesk is here to help you with specialty-specific advice on revalidation and appraisal.

Before contacting the helpdesk


Revalidation helpdesk

The helpdesk number is +44 20 7772 6307

The helpdesk operates between 9am and 4pm during working days. If you have an issue outside these times, please leave a request for advice via voicemail or email

We’ll process requests for advice in the order in which we receive them.

If you’re a doctor in training, please contact your deanery with any revalidation queries.

Submitting a query

To submit your query, please complete the revalidation helpdesk proforma (Word document, 63 kb) and email it to

More information about the procedure is given below.

RCOG/FSRH revalidation helpdesk procedure

  1. All requests for specialty advice relating to obstetrics and gynaecology and/or sexual and reproductive healthcare should be managed through the RCOG/FSRH revalidation helpdesk. This will allow the College and Faculty to maintain effective records, quality assure the process and responses and build the knowledge base to develop a bank of specialty FAQs which will improve the quality of the service. RCOG Regional College Advisors (RCAs) and FSRH Advisors contacted directly for advice should refer any enquiries to the helpdesk.
  2. The helpdesk will log all requests for specialty advice on receipt. If the request is for generic information, the enquirer will be directed to the relevant FAQs or supporting information guidance for appraisal and revalidation in O&G (PDF).
  3. The log will remain strictly confidential within the RCOG/FSRH revalidation staff team. The log adheres to rules and policies regarding information governance and the Data Protection Act.
  4. Where the helpdesk can’t deal with a request for advice using the above method, we’ll ask the enquirer to complete and submit a proforma (Word document, 63 kb) to the helpdesk, if they haven’t already done so.
  5. The enquirer will receive an automatic acknowledgement to state that the proforma has arrived at the helpdesk and that we will reply within 5 working days. We also include a warning that complex issues might take longer than 5 working days, as the enquiry might need to be addressed by another body. If the enquiry does need to be addressed by another body, we will inform the enquirer of this and advise that the response time will be longer.  
  6. The helpdesk will record the information and, if necessary, pass the enquiry on to a RCOG specialty advisor or the FSRH Company Secretary. All those providing specialty advice have attended the core Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and RCOG training sessions.
  7. The specialty advisor will complete the relevant section on the proforma and return it to the helpdesk. 
  8. We won’t return the proforma to the enquirer. Helpdesk staff will draft an email response based on the comments from the specialty advisor. A second advisor will then review the email response. 
  9. The College then sends the email response to the enquirer with the following disclaimer:
    The RCOG gives this advice on specialty specific matters in response to a specific request. The RCOG prepares or gives such advice in principle, based on the fact presented to them, with reasonable care and in good faith.


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