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Revalidation for SAS doctors

This page provides information about revalidation for staff and associate specialist (SAS) doctors.

How often do SAS doctors need to revalidate?

SAS doctors need to revalidate, usually every 5 years.

Who’s responsible for revalidating SAS doctors?

If you’re an SAS doctor working within a trust, your designated body (the organisation that will provide you with a regular appraisal and support you with your revalidation) will be your trust. Your responsible officer (the person who will make a revalidation recommendation about you on behalf of your designated body) will usually be the medical director of your trust.

If you’re an SAS doctor working in the community, you’ll need to ask the General Medical Council (GMC) to tell you who your designated body and responsible officer are.

Find out more about designated bodies and responsible officers.

Where can I find more information about the revalidation process for SAS doctors?

The GMC has produced generic information about revalidation for licensed doctors that is applicable to SAS doctors.

For information about the appraisal process for SAS doctors, see NHS Employers’ resources on improving appraisal for SAS doctors.

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