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MRCOG Final Preparation: Part 2 Written and OSCE Consecutive

Start: 30/01/2015 08:30
End: 01/02/2015 18:00

Location: Pune, India
Programme: ~/link/c26c81ada439479083364880c93aeafc.aspx


This three day course is divided into a two day written course for up to 40 candidates followed by a separate one day OSCE course for a maximum of 20 candidates. The written course focuses on the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology within the NHS, lectures on examination technique and practice examinations. The candidates will have two papers each containing 50 SBAs and 50 EMQs to reflect the new format and will receive feedback about their answers.

The one day OSCE course focuses on examination technique and communication skills. The candidates will do two mock OSCE circuits, once as the candidate and once as an observer. The OSCE circuit has 10 stations, 2 preparatory and 8 active stations hence the course is limited to 20 candidates.

This course is ideally suited to candidates who are “exam ready” in their knowledge skills and competencies. This course is intended to complement your local training programme and therefore focuses purely on exam technique and practice and doesn’t include lectures on core clinical knowledge and skills. The course is limited to 20 candidates to ensure that they all have practice OSCE experience with individualised feedback.

All the course material including the practice papers and OSCE stations will be provided by the RCOG. Occasionally the OSCE station may use surgical equipment or a doll and pelvis which should be provided by the local course organiser.

Course Convenor

Dr Jyothi Unni FRCOG


55,000 Indian Rupees (INR)

How to book your place

Please contact Ms Vidya Deshpande: