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Part 1 MRCOG Preparatory Course

Start: 02/05/2015 00:00
End: 05/05/2015 00:00

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Programme: ~/link/5c0432177728478ba82ea5c2aa24c4f2.aspx


This 4-day course is an introduction to the Part 1 MRCOG exam; our comprehensive programme of lecture covers all components of the exam. Delivered by experienced lecturers the talks are tailored to address the exam syllabus. There is coverage of typical exam questions with daily practice papers plus general advice about preparing for and taking the exams.

During this course we invite up to 10 local senior doctors to learn about the Part 1 MRCOG exam syllabus and how to support and coach candidates preparing for their exam. Prior to the course, the RCOG hold a “Training the Trainers” workshop, on how to organise an RCOG Part 1 MRCOG Revision Course.


American University of Beirut Medical Centre, Cairo Street, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

International Convenors of the MRCOG Part 1 Revision Courses

Dr Neela Mukhopadhaya FRCOG, Luton
Dr Shahnaz Nawaz FRCOG, Northern Ireland

Honorary Director of Conferences

Mr Nick Panay MRCOG, London


Dr Anwar Nassar

Maha Jaafar