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MRCOG Final Preparation: Part 3 Practical Course - FULLY BOOKED

Start: 29/09/2018 08:00
End: 30/09/2018 18:00

Location: Malaysia
Programme: ~/link/22e02fd16ee84f228105ba57eccab0fd.aspx


This Part 3 Practical Course will give delegates a unique opportunity to practise and rehearse the clinical tasks set down in the new MRCOG Part 3 oral examination. There will be two different circuits, each with 14 active stations where you will receive individual feedback after each of the tasks from the examiners, some of which will use local role players and lay examiners.

There will also be workshop-based sessions incorporating communication skills with patients and colleagues, issues of patient safety, applied clinical knowledge and information gathering using different task materials to increase the delegate’s exposure to more questions.

Videos of different tasks types will be presented and discussed. Exposure to these activities will help delegates reflect on individual strengths and identify areas for improvement and further practise.

Places on this course are strictly limited to 28 delegates

Learning objectives

  • Describe the structure and format of the MRCOG Part 3 examination
  • Reproduce the components parts of the blueprint matrix of the MRCOG Part 3
  • Describe the basic structure of the examiner marking system
  • Relate the five clinical skills domains to clinical situations from the 14 modules of the MRCOG Part 3 Syllabus at an ST5 level of competence
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in the clinical skills domains exposed during the course, identify good and unsatisfactory performances, and to reflect on how to improve them for future clinical practice and prior to the examination

Who should attend?

  • Candidates who plan to sit for the MRCOG Part 3 Examination


RCSI & UCD Campus Malaysia (Formally known as Penang Medical College), 4 Jalan Sepoy Lines, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Course Organiser

Professor Paul Fogarty

COurse fees

  • £695

How to book

To apply, please contact:

Dr Shilpa Nambiar

Professor Paul Fogarty