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Advanced Multidisciplinary Hands-On Cadaveric Laparoscopic Female Pelvic Anatomy Course (non-RCOG course)

Start: 15/01/2019 08:00
End: 16/01/2019 18:00

Location: University of Liverpool
Programme: Advanced pelvic laparoscopic cadaveric course Jan 2019.pdf

International/UK faculty

A unique opportunity for pelvic surgeons to understand the anatomy of the deep pelvis simulating the operating theatre environment with fresh frozen cadavers and advanced laparoscopic equipment including 3D technology.



Surgical Faculty R Kimmig (Germany), S Uccella (Italy), S Puntambekar (India), M Slack (UK), N Gul (UK), D Rowlands (UK), C Walsh (UK), M Kumar (UK), L Titu (UK), Liverpool University Anatomy Department Faculty Dr A Bond (Liv University UK), Dr C Tierney (Liv University UK), Mr P Rothwell (Liv University, UK)


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Course Director Miss Nahid Gul


FRCOG contact

Course is aimed for: Gynaecologist consultant and trainees, Gynaeoncologist , Endometriosis surgeons, pelvic surgeons, Urogynaecologist


Course Objectives

Gynaeoncology: Compartmental based pelvic surgery, PMMR (Peritoneal mesometrial resection) in modified radical hysterectomy, Para-aortic & pelvic nodal dissection, Nerve sparing surgery, Peritoneal and dia-phragmatic resection of disease

Endometriosis: Rectovaginal dissection, Autonomic & deep pelvic nerves and Nerve sparing excision of deep endometriosis, diaphragmatic resection

Pelvic Floor Surgery & Urogynaecology: Pelvic floor reconstruction, colposuspension, Sling procedures, sacrocolpopexy, sacrorectopexy, Mesh removal

Generic Skill: Dissect pelvic side wall, ureters and pelvic spaces, vascular anatomy Safe removal of pelvic masses, large uterus and surgical steps of Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy Closure of Enterotomy and Cystotomy Abdominal wall anatomy, safe entry, hernia and abdominal wall reconstruction Anatomy of Pelvic floor, ischiorectal fossa and pudendal nerve


This is an advertisement for an event which is neither organised by nor endorsed by the RCOG. All enquiries should be directed to the organiser of this event.