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Neo-Resus - The Physiology of Transitional Support with Optimal Cord Clamping (non-RCOG event)

Start: 31/03/2017 08:45
End: 31/03/2017 17:30

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Neo-Resus ​is ​an ​international ​conference ​on ​the ​Physiology ​of ​Transitional ​Support ​with ​Optimal ​Cord ​Clamping. ​It ​will ​feature ​expert ​speakers ​from ​around ​the ​world ​discussing ​current ​practice ​in ​neonatal ​resuscitation ​and ​the ​rising ​interest ​and ​support ​for ​delayed ​clamping ​for ​the ​umbilical ​cord. 

Fore more details, and to book, please visit

This is an advertisement for an event which is neither organised by nor endorsed by the RCOG. All enquiries should be directed to the organiser of this event.