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The invisible global pandemic: Domestic violence and abuse - Best Practice for clinicians

Start: 24/02/2021 18:30
End: 24/02/2021 20:00

Location: Online
Programme: The invisible global pandemic Domestic violence and abuse - Best Practice for clinicians.pdf

This webinar will include three presentations from clinicians in the UK, India and Africa. Throughout the presentations, our speakers will provide evidence-based solutions to identify and respond to domestic violence and abuse.

Topics featured include the epidemiology of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) in the antenatal and perinatal period (prevalence and impact) and the role of the obstetrician and midwife in asking about and responding to disclosure. The speakers will reveal how this fits with national and trust policies. Finally, the programme will stress the importance of asking about abuse and directing patients on a clear referral pathway towards a colleague with DVA expertise or an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor.

Someone will be on hand to chat with privately if any of the participants require support or advice during the session.


  • Provide a global perspective of domestic violence
  • Highlight resources for clinicians to identify and respond to domestic violence
  • Suggest ways that clinicians can safely enquire about intimate partner violence during appointments
  • Present evidence of the rise in domestic violence over the course of the pandemic


Please note: this webinar is free to attend and is exclusive for RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees

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