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Labour Ward Leaders Workshop - working together for safe care

Start: 07/09/2016 00:00
End: 07/12/2016 00:00

Location: Various UK locations

Joint RCM/RCOG meeting


This event is one of four pilot workshops to address some of the current challenges in maternity services around effective teams providing the best care to women in labour. Surveys of labour ward midwives and obstetricians have identified a lack of leadership development for labour ward lead roles and a frustration at not being able to have their concerns heard at strategic level.

Careful consideration has been given to ensure the most appropriate people positioned to lever change and maximise development from floor to board level are included in the training.

There will be six delegates per unit who will include:

  • Labour ward co-ordinator midwife band 7 x 2
  • Consultant Obstetric lead for labour ward (not clinical director)
  • Obstetric trainee (StR 6-7)
  • HoM OR a senior midwife lead with LW responsibility
  • Senior board member with responsibility for maternity

Who should attend?

This event is solely for labour ward coordinator teams.

After attending this meeting you will:

  • Appreciate the role that unit culture and leadership has on the provision of safe care
  • Have a greater understanding of different personality types and how these might be advantageous to the wider team
  • Have a greater understanding of their own personality type and how they might need to adapt their style according to circumstances
  • Have a greater understanding of the current safety culture of their local unit
  • Have considered what the key areas are for improving the safety culture  within their own unit
  • Appreciate the common challenges in safe labour ward care and ensure that collaborative learning and practice can improve the environment for women, families and staff
  • Develop a greater understanding of communication styles and become more effective communicators
  • Appreciate the similarities and differences in roles of the multidisciplinary team on labour ward
  • Develop an action and implementation plan to bring about a collaborative change to the labour ward management
  • Be able to draw on tools and resources to support the implementation of the agreed action plan

Venues & Dates

  • 7th September – York
  • 11th October – Bristol
  • 1st November – Milton Keynes
  • 7th December – London


The RCM was awarded funding by HEE in February 2016 to develop a leadership training programme for the labour ward coordinator (LWC). This was a programme of work being undertaken collaboratively with the asphyxia working group of the atain (avoiding term admission into neonatal units) programme. Subsequently, additional funding outside of HEE allowed for an extension of the programme to obstetric teams. An invitation to collaborate was extended to RCOG following which the three lead organisations have worked together over the last three months to design and plan the leadership training programme. The ultimate aim of the programme is to develop leadership capability with a focus on improved safety in maternity. 

Separate surveys were sent to LWC and Labour ward obstetric leads (LWOL) in February and April respectively to survey experiences of those offering clinical leadership within delivery suite. 

Workshop content, attendees and programme aims have been agreed using evidence from the Kirkup report; Better Births; SofS national ambition for safety as well as qualitative evidence from responses to the LWC and surveys.

Course fees

This is a free to attend workshop, however, if the team does not attend the Trust will be charged £1,000 plus vat. 14 days notice would be required for cancellation to avoid being charged.

How to book

To register for this event, please complete the application form (PDF, 412 kb) and return to

For any queries regarding this event, please contact