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DRCOG Bite Sized Revision Course - London

Start: 20/02/2016 09:30
End: 20/02/2016 17:00

Location: RCOG
Programme: ~/link/6e352eb34dba4a44ad7d47762a9d208b.aspx

The same course will be running in London and Nottingham. Please choose one or the other.


This unique one day course will cover the core curriculum subjects examined in the DRCOG examination used a tried and tested bite sized approach to highlight key facts and topics. Following a brief tutorial in the core subjects, practice questions will be attempted and then a discussion of which are, and more importantly why these are the correct answers. This follows a similar approach to the RCOG revision guide to the DRCOG and is the only face to face course available currently in the UK. With the vast array of guidelines and internet resources it can be difficult to know where to start with revision and exam practice. This course aims to address those needs by signposting key resources that are used in writing the exam questions. The course has been designed by previous committee members who have written exam questions so have a unique insight into the structure of the exam. 

The DRCOG is a useful qualification for GPs both in training and in practice. It credentials an interest in women’s health which forms a significant part of A GP’s workload. The DRCOG is a clinically orientated examination anchored in topics regularly encountered in general practice. It is an achievable qualification with a combination of clinical experience and focussed revision. Additional qualifications alongside MRCGP can be the foundation of developing a special interest or extended role both in general practice and in closer links with colleagues in secondary care. 

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at all candidates attempting the DRCOG. The DRCOG examination is ideally suited to trainees in an obstetrics and gynaecology post as part of their general practice or foundation. Previous feedback has shown that GP trainees who aren’t doing O&G as part of their training specifically take the DRCOG as they recognise that women’s health will form a large part of their workload once qualified. The DRCOG also helps qualified GPs to consolidate their knowledge of O&G and potentially develop an extended role. Based on evidence from other RCOG face to face courses, this course will improve the chances of exam success at the DRCOG. 

Learning objectives

  • To review core clinical material across the breadth of the DRCOG curriculum
  • To focus on bite sized key facts
  • To signpost resources for revision and clinical practice
  • To practice exam questions and discuss the answers 

Course Organisers and Faculty

Dr Lisa Joels FRCOG, Exeter
Miss Susan Ward FRCOG, Nottingham

Honorary Director of Conferences

Mr Nick Panay MRCOG, London 

Honorary Deputy Director of Conferences

Mr Stergios Doumouchtsis MRCOG, London

Course fees

  • Online booking flat rate - £180
  •  Phone booking (postal form) - £190

How to book

  1. Sign into the RCOG website or create your account here – you need to be registered with the RCOG website to book on to an event
  2. Check that your card billing address is listed in ‘My account’ > ‘My details’ > ‘Addresses’, as you will need this in order to complete your booking
  3. Return to this page
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the booking form, which will appear once you are logged in

Alternatively, you can book using the postal booking form, although if you book using this method you will not receive the online discount.

If you would like your hospital or trust to be invoiced for your place, please read the events FAQs for further details.

For bookings, please contact Linda Almici:

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