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MRCOG Final Preparation: OSCE

Start: 13/04/2015 08:00
End: 17/04/2015 18:00

Location: RCOG
Programme: ~/link/4fccc3714ce44834a76696a193f63029.aspx

Registration for this course opens on Monday 30 March 2015 at 14:00 (UK time) on the same day the results of the Part 2 Written examination are published. The pass list will be available from the exam results webpage.

Due to the high registration demand for this course, we will not notify candidates who have passed the written examination when the course opens for bookings.

No bookings will be accepted before 14:00 on 30 March for this course.

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and are strictly limited to 30 for each day. At 14:00 please book promptly to avoid disappointment. If you are calling to book your place, please DO NOT leave us a voicemail message as we are unable to return them. Please keep trying the contact number until your call is answered.


This OSCE course focuses on improving exam technique to maximise your chances of passing the OSCE exam and being awarded your Membership to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

This one-day course is unique in giving you 3 full OSCE circuits with experienced MRCOG examiners. You will receive individual feedback on each station from the examiners. In the OSCE, the actors can award up to 4 marks and you will receive feedback from the actors to help you improve your communication skills. You will also receive a DVD of your performance in one of the role play stations to help you reflect on your strengths and identify areas for change.

There are a maximum of 30 places per day.

Learning objectives

  • Experience realistic OSCE stations
  • Receive valuable feedback
  • Observe other candidates’ performance
  • Understand time management within stations
  • Understand the marking scheme for stations
  • Interact with professional RCOG role players

Who should attend?

  • Trainees ST 4–5
  • Candidates who have passed the Part 2 written component

Course organisers

  • Part 2 MRCOG Revision Course Convenor: Dr Yasmin Sajjad MRCOG, Manchester
  • Part 2 MRCOG Revision Course Assistant Convenor: Dr Anita Sanghi FRCOG, London

Registration fees

  • Trainee Rate: £315

OSCE revision course FAQs

Who is eligible to register for an OSCE Revision course?

Priority is given for delegates who have passed the written examination and will be sitting the OSCE examination. You MUST have passed the written exam to register for this course.

When does registration open?

Registration opens at 2.00pm on Monday 30 March 2015.

Please do not attempt to register before this stated time as we will not accept your application. Payment must be made in full at the time of registration. Please note that the office is very busy at this time so we are unable to return answer phone messages. If you cannot get through first time please try again.

How should I register?

You may register 3 ways, telephone fax or on-line. Please do not post your form as all the places are usually filled by the time your form arrives. For each day, there will be 20 places allocated for online booking and only 10 for phone and fax bookings so you have a much better chance of obtaining a place online. As places tend to go very quickly it is worth registering with the website before the course opens, if you have not done already as this will save you time on the day. You will already have an RCOG registration number and you will need this to register for the website so please contact us to find out what your number is if you do not have it to hand. Please do not register for the website without using your registration number as this creates a duplicate record on our system and can cause delays and problems with your booking.

How many places are there?

The course in only 1 day long, however we run it on five consecutive days. You may attend on:

  • Monday 13 April
  • Tuesday 14 April
  • Wednesday 15 April
  • Thursday 16 April
  • Friday 17 April

You will not be allowed to attend all five days and please note that once your place has been booked you cannot swap for a another date, unless you get someone else to swap with you.

How do I know if I have received a place on the OSCE course?

If you have registered online you will automatically receive two emails, one with confirmation of your booking and one with confirmation of your payment. Please note that the system may allow you to book on more than once so please only enter your payment details once, to avoid you being charged again.

We will send you a confirmation email if you have been placed on the course within 3 days of registration opening. If you do not receive this email by this time, please call the office to confirm that you have a spot. We cannot guarantee you a spot just because you have sent in a registration. Please do not book study leave, visa, etc. until you receive written confirmation of a place on the course.

What are the fees for the OSCE course?

The registration fee of £315.00 (£262.50 + VAT) includes coffee, lunch, tea and admission to the lectures for the registrant only. Payment may be made by credit card using the registration form, by credit card on-line. or over the phone, or by cheque made payable to "R.C.O.G.". Payments from abroad should be by international bankers draft or money order in sterling. Payment in other currencies will not be accepted.

Can I cancel my OSCE course registration, even though I have already paid the fees?

Yes, you may cancel, provided it is before the cancellation deadline of TUESDAY 7 APRIL 2015. If you cancel after this date, you will NOT be eligible for a refund. If you cancel before, you will receive a full refund less an administrative charge of £50. If you decide to cancel, you must state so in writing and either post, email or fax it to the office to be received before the deadline.