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Manual Vacuum Aspiration - FULLY BOOKED

Start: 12/09/2017 09:00
End: 12/09/2017 15:30

Location: RCOG
Programme: MVA 2017.pdf


This one day, hands-on and theoretical training course focuses on the outpatient management of miscarriage and abortion using manual vacuum aspiration. 

Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) is an alternative to electric suction or dilatation and curettage for evacuation of the uterine contents. The MVA procedure is performed with a hand-operated vacuum syringe, typically under local anaesthetic. 

The Curriculum Committee works with the Specialty Education Advisory Committee to ensure the curriculum evolves in response to (or in anticipation of) changes in practice. With the high safety profile of this procedure and the increasing potential for the delivery of uterine evacuation outside of theatre, there is a need to improve access to this in the UK. The MVA procedure is accessible, easy to deliver, does not require a general anaesthetic and is cost-effective. In addition to providing a grounding in the MVA procedure, this course covers the equipment, staffing, analgesia and other requirements for surgical uterine evacuation in the outpatient setting. 

We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment. There are a maximum of 28 places.

Who should attend?

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology ATSM/FSRH Special Skills Abortion Care trainers
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology ATSM/FSRH Special Skills Abortion Care trainees
  • Experienced staff in miscarriage/abortion care keen to expand their competence/skills

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn to confidently fit together and operate a MVA kit
  • Gain knowledge of appropriate pain relief
  • Safely undertake MVA of uterine contents in a model
  • Learn to provide appropriate support for the woman and her support person
  • Gain skills to develop a business case for MVA
  • Meet others with experience of setting up similar services
  • Make contacts for sharing guidelines and pathways 

Course Organiser

Dr Patricia Lohr FACOG, London

Honorary Director of Conferences

Mr Nick Panay MRCOG, London

Honorary Deputy Director of Conferences

Mr Philip Toozs-Hobson FRCOG, Birmingham

Course fees

The registration fee (inclusive of online discount and VAT at 20%) for this event is:

  • Standard rate: £330.00
  • Fellow, Member and Assoicate rate: £280.00
  • Trainee rate: £225.00
  • Allied Healthcare Professional rate: £210.00

How to book

  1. Sign into the RCOG website or create your account here – you need to be registered with the RCOG website to book on to an event
  2. Check that your card billing address is listed in ‘My account’ > ‘My details’ > ‘Addresses’, as you will need this in order to complete your booking
  3. Check that your details are correct in ‘My account’ > ‘My details’ > ‘Career stage’, as we will use this to calculate your registration fee
  4. Return to this page
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the booking form, which will appear once you are logged in

Alternatively, you can book using the postal booking form (PDF, 382 kb) although if you book using this method you will not receive the online discount. 

If you would like your hospital or trust to be invoiced for your place, please read the events FAQs for further details.

For any queries regarding this event, please contact Enfys Hughes

Durbin PLCDurbin logo

Durbin PLC is proud to be the UK Distributor for the IPAS MVA equipment (Manual Vacuum Aspiration) and Dilapan-S osmotic cervical dilator.

ERPC using electrical suction pumps is one of the mainstays of treatment for incomplete miscarriage (IM) or fetal demise (FD). There is now increasing interest in the use of MVA as an alternative. For many years the use of MVA, with the unique Ipas locking Aspirators, allowing finger-tip control of vacuum action, has been widespread throughout the USA for IM, FD and TOP (up to 12 weeks gestation) all under local anaesthesia. Recent RCOG and NICE Guidelines have highlighted the advantages of MVA.

Dilapan-S is a totally synthetic, guaranteed sterile, predictable cervical dilator with no pharmacological activity whatsoever – in labour pre-induction that means no excessive uterine stimulation and no effect on fetal heart rate. Please visit us to hear how these unique products could help you.